Bike Accident

Using a bicycle for transportation is healthy and environmentally-responsible. In Florida, bicycling is also one way to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. Drivers should follow the law to accommodate cyclists, but unfortunately, drivers often fail to share the road.

Negligent or reckless driving can lead to serious injury for cyclists. If you or a loved one has suffered in a bicycle accident, it is important to contact an experienced accident attorney for help. A skilled Florida bicycle accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your damages.

Safe Rider

Many state and local clubs and advocacy groups for cyclists can help provide information about riding safely. Bicycle regulations in Florida law are found in the Florida Statutes. Knowing the law can help cyclists not only protect their safety but protect against unfair charges.

In a personal injury case for a bicycle accident, the cyclist’s damages will be reduced by whatever percentage the jury finds the cyclist to have contributed to their own injuries. The idea that the plaintiff is also at fault is known as contributory negligence.

Challenging unsafe drivers

When a driver hits a bicyclist due to negligence or recklessness, the results can be particularly serious because a bicyclist is largely unprotected. At the scene of an accident, whether the accident was minor or severe, it is important to seek medical treatment if the cyclist suspects any type of injury. Sometimes the shock of an accident causes someone not to realize they are in pain and seriously injured.

Once it becomes clear that an injury has occurred, a trip to the emergency room or doctor is very important. Some common bicycle accident injuries are head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones. It is also important to seek recommended follow-up treatment. Someone who has been in an accident must care for their health above all, and in the process, they are also creating evidence to present to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Opening a personal injury case

It is very important to call an attorney immediately because an experienced accident attorney can offer advice about seeking medical treatment after an accident. A Florida bike accident attorney can also advise their client about what to say to the at-fault driver’s insurance company when the insurance company calls.
When a lawyer takes someone’s personal injury case, they will make contact with the driver’s insurance company to let them know the bicyclist is represented. The bicycle accident lawyer in Florida will then begin the process of collecting evidence to present to the insurance company.
This evidence may include medical records and bills, police reports, photographs of the accident scene or injuries, witness contact information.

Process of an accident claim

A bicycle accident attorney in Florida will negotiate with the insurance company, but the client makes the final decision about whether to accept an offered settlement.

If settlement talks with the insurance company do not yield the desired outcome, the next step is to file a lawsuit. During the process of litigation, evidence will continue to be exchanged between the plaintiff and defendant. If a trial is necessary, an experienced attorney will present persuasive evidence to the court.

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